Which Tedford Team Was Your Favorite?

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, June 13th, 2008

A simple question for every Blue and Gold fan out there. Which year produced your favorite Tedford team?

The 2002 team was the virgin experience. Kyle Boller, the beginning of Geoff MacArthur’s productive career, good offensive production.

The 2003 team struggled with what one might call a sophomore slump. Took Rodgers about half the season to find his range and the offense was in a funk. A transitional year IMHO.

The 2004 team should have gone to the Rose Bowl. Easily the most complete team, with some amazing defensive maulings and offensive efficiency, all with Aaron Rodgers at his apex.

The 2005 team retained much of the defensive side of the ball while breaking ground with a wealth of green offensive talent. Although a certain quarterback was the source of much controversy throughout the year. Steve Levy just had way too much liquid courage.

In terms of pure athletic individual talent, the 2006 team cannot be matched. Three defensive playmakers, Lynch and Forsett tagging up in the backfield, and we haven’t even gotten to our receiving corps. The quarterback play was alright.

The 2007-08 team…well, we know what happened to them. But definitely the most talented offensive team. At least, potential-wise.

So vote in the poll on the side and expand in the comments–which Tedford team was your favorite?

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