Pac-10 Podcast with In the Bleachers

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, July 17th, 2008


I was on radio for the first time ever tonight. A podcast to be precise. The second biggest college football podcast behind the impeccable EDSBS Live. I give you warning before listening to the download–I was shaking like Charlie Brown meeting that red-headed girl. Unfortunately no one here to kiss on the cheek, except maybe Lisa Horne.

[youtube hKedLEU1vfk]

I’m babbling. Since it’s my first run at this, I didn’t want anyone to listen to this live, but it should be up on ITunes soon enough and I’ll send links. I’ll be the last caller in, so I’ll be somewhere around the fifty minute mark.

Here’s the podcast link. I’ll be near the end. You can also search for “In the bleachers” at the ITunes podcast section. Enjoy.

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