Bars and Meetups for Watching Cal-Colorado State

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, September 25th, 2008

For some real insight into this week’s Cal-Colorado State game, you’d better check out this live chat. Okanes has been fantastic this year. He’s made my job of non-reporting that much easier.

As of now there are no known online streams of Cal-Colorado State. This will probably be like the Cal-Washington State game; you’ll have to wait it out if you’re overseas or whereever to find where you’re supposed to go.

For those in bigger cities, though, your fairly well-organized alumni are there for you. As of right now, we have official alum meetups for the game occurring in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Boston, DC, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, the OC and Santa Monica. All these locations will be showing the game and can be found here as a blue bubble (the blue pin is representative of past locations; there is no current confirmation that it will be showing this week’s game). Almost all of these meetups in this Google Maps mashup have been confirmed and there should be no hitches watching these games there.

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If there are any locations I missed, this map is open for editing to anyone. So, click here, press the edit button, and go ahead and add in your own locations or provide any updates or further details to current locations!. Please keep it responsible; I don’t want to have to closed this and moderate it.

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