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Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

With commenting lagging over the offseason, you might have noticed this site has switched over to the Disqus commenting system to encourage and foster more discussion. Some of the comments are split between here and the syndication of these posts at Bleacher Report, so I generally get comments either here or there. Hopefully things get better on that front.

There’s also been all sorts of errors with the right sidebar in Internet Explorer, and I don’t have a clue as to what the hell’s going on there. I’d just suggest downloading FIrefox or Chrome, since IE sucks and all. Easy enough solution. Or just subscribe to the feed, which works for everyone.

Also, the blogroll has been updated. Here are the fluctations in the golden blogosphere:

New to the game: Blue and Gold Sports (doesn’t post often, but when he does, it’s extensive), The Bear Will Not Quit (a very recent addition, but he’s showing great promise), Bears with Fangs (quality work all offseason long), The Sporting Contrarian (a little bit more infrequent, but he does post excellent law updates on the SAHPC case). Erin’s Cal Goodies has some good stuff, although it’s more informational than analytical and has been placed in the resources section.

Added is a separate section of mainstream Cal columnists: Andrew Kim, Jack Ross and Matt Kawahara from the Daily Cal, Jonathan Okanes from Contra Costa, Rusty Simmons of the SF Chronicle, etc. Ray Ratto writes occasionally about the Bears, but he focuses on the mainstream sports and is a little too dour for my tastes. Jon Wilner is similar, but he writes more about Cal and his criticism is more pointed . Bear Bytes and BearTalk are mainstream blogs, so they go with the Cal webbers.

As for athletes? Alex Mack has a semi-blog!

Note to mainstream media: More people would read your website if you set up RSS feeds for your writers. The gymnastics it takes to find past columns is terribly exhausting. It’s the big reason I end up at Cal Golden Bear Football News.

Off the list: The Daily Clog, which posts too infrequently about Cal sports (and nurtures a bizarro love with the treesitters) to be considered. Scott Moura is a smart guy, but he writes too infrequently about the Bears to be considered a Cal blogger. I do think we’ll have something special set up for Cal alum clubs around the country soon though.

No longer updating: Dank Down (last post back in January), Rose Bowl Before I Die last post after The Big Game). And although I’m still holding out hope, I think it’s safe to assume Nate Longshore will not be reviving his blogging career.

If anyone else has any site recommendations for either Cal or Pac-10 or countrywide, leave them in the comments.

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