DeSean Jackson Happy To Have People Underestimate Him

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

IRVING, TX–Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson seems to be taking his now infamous play in stride, forcing many NFL fans ponder deeply about the astounding individual talent from Cal.

“He seems pretty casual about it. What a bonehead.” Said one NFL fan. And another. And another. Actually, it went like that through most of the night. Sometimes the thinking would vacillate between bonehead and douchebag, but bonehead seemed to be the appropriate term.

Other prominent individuals watching the game seem to be wondering the same thing.

“Think about it.” Said famous film director Oliver Stone. “Here is a highly touted rookie who has been downgraded by many a teammate and coach for being selfish and me-oriented. His unofficial nickname amongst his haters is MeSean, for God’s sake. Wouldn’t it make too much sense for Jackson to just commit a play like this on the national stage?”

“There has to be something deeper going on here. Perhaps Andy Reid had something to do with it. NFL coaches are geniuses, we all know that, why else are they on the sidelines rather than working on CERN?”

“It’s a classic strategic manuever,” Exclaims legendary strategist Robert Greene. “Make people confirm what they know about you so they can denounce and downgrade your accomplishments. Michael Jordan did it all the time, when media people said Player X might be the next MJ, and then the Real MJ exploded for 40 on the pretender the next night.”

“What DeSean did was draw people away from his impressive rookie accomplishment and prevent people from hyping him up. Quite impressive how he drew the Dallas defenders away from the play, too, so it didn’t cost his team anything. A fine football sleight-of hand.”

“After all,” Greene pointed out, “He’s done this before. People called him a showboat and a headcase, all the while putting up otherworldly numbers at Cal. Yet people still talk about his character and issues despite the effort and numbers he puts out. So people continue to underrate him and he continues to perform. That’s probably the way he likes it.”

ESPN talking head Emmitt Smith was more politically correct. “It looked bad. It coulda been worse. Coaching is tough. Players need to play. Usually 11 on 11. Otherwise they probably can’t achieve victoriousness.”

Skip Bayless was his typical diplomatic self on the subject. “What an idiot. He’s really an idiot. Can I just remind you he’s an idiot? Idiots don’t deserve to play in the NFL. Don’t give me those stats, stars shouldn’t be idiots! Complete idiot. He needs to be put on trial for being an idiot.”

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