There’s Gonna Be A Big Future in Plastics

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, September 25th, 2008

“Sandy, let me tell you something. Something that you want to hear.”
“What is it?”

[youtube PSxihhBzCjk]

It’s going to revolutionize everything. Even seismic retrofitting.

It took decades of research, experimentation and head-scratching, but a team of San Francisco engineers says it has found a way to save the beloved landmark in Strawberry Canyon, which straddles the state’s most dangerous earthquake fault.

“I’ll sleep well at night, even if I have season tickets in Section KK,” said David Friedman, lead engineer on the long-awaited Memorial Stadium retrofit project. “We’ve come up with a unique solution to a very unique problem.”

The plan, which is expected to get under way in the next year or two, calls for portions of the stadium to be sliced into blocks that will rest on plastic sheets. When the earth ruptures, the soil will move under the sheets but, engineers hope, will leave the blocks intact. The price tag for the retrofit is estimated at between $150 million and $175 million.

Man, that movie saw the future! Your banks may be burning to the ground, but your plastics will always be in high demand. Ben’s got a huge payday coming.

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