Week 3 Blogpoll

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, September 18th, 2008
Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 3
2 Oklahoma
3 Florida 2
4 Georgia 1
5 LSU 2
6 Missouri 2
7 Texas 1
8 Penn State 1
9 South Florida 4
10 Oregon
11 Texas Tech 1
12 Auburn 1
13 Utah 3
14 East Carolina
15 Alabama 3
16 Brigham Young 4
17 Ohio State 12
18 Wisconsin 5
19 Wake Forest 4
20 Vanderbilt 4
21 Mississippi
22 North Carolina 4
23 Oklahoma State 3
24 Kansas 2
25 Illinois
Dropped Out: California (#17), Arizona State (#19).
Big Ten (4)
Don’t have too many words. Ohio State takes their expected fistjob at the Coliseum and now flees back to the Midwest, not to be seen or cared about by the rest of college football country until January 1st. They are still better than the overrated Wisconsin Badgers, who had a less-than-impressive tout against Fresblow. Meanwhile “get off my porch” Joe Pa continues to march Penn State through inferior competition, making me think the battle between him and Tressel will decide the Rose Bowl ticket. And I have no idea why Illinois is still ranked. They needed four quarters to handle the inept Ragin’ Cajuns.
ACC (2)
Wake Forest drops a bit for being idle, while outside of College Park, North Carolina had the most impressive victory for the conference, dominating a now irrelevant Rutgers team on Thursday night. Looming are the Seminoles and Hurricanes, who could very well make their move in the next few weeks. UNC plays Va Tech and Miami and Wake Forest draws FSU in the battle for…something. I dunno. This is kind of like voting for Kang or Kodos. You might as well build a rocket ship and get outta there.
Pac-10 (2)
USC is clearly #1 this week. Oregon stands pat after surviving Purdue. The rest of the conference does not exist.
Big East (1)
There’s South Florida, and then there’s everyone else. It might be the cruelest of years for the Bulls, who have a decent shot to go undefeated. With a loss to West Virginia though, they might be denied the National Championship, the BCS, and a Big East title. Who knows. Credit Jim Leavitt though, who could quite possibly be the first coach with Down’s syndrome to participate in a January bowl.
(Jinxing South Florida as much as I can. Tampa sucks.)
MWC (2)
The Mountain West Conference is now 4-0 against the Pac-10. I considered putting UNLV here (winners of 8 of 38!) just for what went down in Tempe, but decided that would be too outlandish. Just sad.
Big 12 (6)
Welcome to the most interesting conference of 2008. Who knows what’s going down with  Oklahoma State, as it rambles its way. I gave Kansas a small deduction for their entertaining defeat to South Florida, but they should probably be right back up there until their showdown with Boomer Sooners. Oklahoma rolled up a dead man walking Washington team, Texas Tech and Missouri destroyed patsies, and Texas got iked. Nothing really to say until these teams start beating each other.
Conference USA (1)
East Carolina squeaks by an underrated Tulane team that gave Alabama all sorts of fits. No deductions for them. Hold steady where they are.
SEC (7)
Florida drops for not playing, Georgia drops for looking inept on offense (Matt Stafford must’ve been throwing shot puts the way the receivers were dropping or missing those), LSU moves up because Ohio State moves down, Auburn drops a spot for participating in the WORST GAME I’VE EVER SEEN (but won, nevertheless), Alabama gets bumped up for routing, Vanderbilt keeps on rolling, Ole Miss stands pat after a whatever performance. Sorry Pac-10 homers. This conference smack talk was silly to begin with; it looks really stupid with Vanderbilt looking better than the THIRD best Pac-10 team.
On the other hand, I’m not ready to say Auburn is worse than Utah. Not quite yet.
The SEC does have trademark games this week though: Alabama at Arkansas, Florida at Tennessee, Auburn at LSU (BIG ONE!), Georgia at ASU. The luster is gone from the last one, but the Sun Devils can earn a measure of redemption with a big win. Not much else compelling in the college football landscape, so get ready for ten hours of redneck jokes this Saturday!

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