Inside the Playbook: USC 28, Arizona State 0

Posted by: Avinash on Monday, October 13th, 2008

After starting the season on a fairly upbeat note, the Arizona State offensive line has again crumbled into a jumbling mess, giving up ten sacks in its last three games and turning Rudy Carpenter into the Incredible Human Punching Bag. One has to wonder where exactly ASU’s pass protection is going for the second straight year, as it is now ranked 98th in the country, giving up 2.2 sacks per game (98th in Division I) and 2.92 rushing yards per carry (111th in Division I, tying them with Washington State).

Things bottomed out for the Sun Devils this past weekend, when they received four Mark Sanchez turnovers in the third quarter, two that allowed the ASU offense to start inside the Trojan red zone, and proceeded to gain a grand total of -6 yards and miss two field goals to preserve the bagel. Seriously, what the hell happened here?

Again, thanks to key contacts within the Sun Devil organization, we have managed to obtain the pass protection playbook for Arizona State’s offensive linemen. Due again to copyright issues and all that jazz, we can only provide our handmade copies of these notes, but obviously this radical approach to pass-blocking might have to be revamped.

The results are surprisingly consistent. You be the judge.


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