Week 7 Preliminary Blogpoll

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Texas 3
3 Penn State 1
4 Oklahoma 3
5 Utah 3
6 Florida 5
7 Southern Cal 2
8 Oklahoma State 7
9 Brigham Young 1
10 Texas Tech 3
11 Missouri 8
12 LSU 6
13 Georgia 1
14 Ohio State 1
15 Boise State 1
16 Kansas 2
17 South Florida
18 Ball State 1
19 Michigan State 4
20 North Carolina 6
21 Tulsa
22 Vanderbilt 10
23 California 3
24 Pittsburgh
25 Virginia Tech
Dropped Out: Northwestern (#20), Auburn (#22).

Please comment and correct if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Here are a few of the brilliant refutations I expect to hear about how these retarded opinions suck.

“Texas just won biggest game of year. You put them at #2 because you still hate Mack Brown you biased hippie.” Texas stumbled around for three quarters before laying the wood on Oklahoma, but it wasn’t like they dominated that game. They’re still picking up the bodies from the Black Out at Athens. Alabama has the most impressive win of the season, and they will stay right where they are until they are knocked out.

“WHY IS UTAH IN THE TOP 5. THEIR NOT IN BIG CONFENCE MORON.” Utah beating Michigan in the Big House to open the season, winning a close one with Air Force, and then coming back to beat Oregon State in the last two minutes represent three of the most impressive major wins of the season. Find another team with three quality wins like that below them and we’ll talk.

“You can’t be serious with this Tulsa/Ball State crap. MIDMAJORS R SUXORS.” Oh yes I can. Ball State is 7-0, Tulsa is 6-0. Tulsa has won their games by an average of 27 points. Ball State has throttled a decent Navy team and destroyed Indiana. Neither of these teams might have played terribly brilliant competition, but you can’t deny their denominance of crappy opponents. How is it much different from what Big 12 teams were doing up to this week?

“Why is Michigan State over Cal. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE???”
Because although Cal enjoyed a great victory over the Spartans, (1) we won by seven, and (2) we were at home. Reverse the site, play on the same date, and the result is probably the opposite.

In other words, we didn’t convincingly beat them. And the Spartans have rolled the last six weeks and played two more games than us. They’ve earned this ranking. Note that Kansas is ranked over South Florida for similar reasons.

Speaking of the Golden Bears…

“Cal should be higher.” Not really. Nothing Cal has done in the past four weeks is enough to justify their inclusion here. Two bye weeks, a rout over Colorado State and hanging on against a tumbling Sun Devil team do not necessitate a meteoric rise (no offense to Brian, but he’s obviously never seen the Bears play if he’s putting them here). They are here by default, but it’s anyone’s guess if they’re sticking in the top 25 this time around. The Arizona game will tell us if they belong.

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