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Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

To see the total blogpoll, click here for the poll and analysis by Brian Cook of MgoBlog.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 2
2 Penn State
3 Texas Tech 7
4 Texas 3
5 Oklahoma State
6 Florida
7 Oklahoma 3
8 Southern Cal 1
9 TCU 3
10 Boise State 1
11 Utah 2
12 Missouri 1
13 Georgia 5
14 Ball State
15 LSU 3
16 Ohio State
17 Michigan State 2
18 Northwestern 8
19 California 4
20 Maryland 6
21 Brigham Young
22 Oregon State 4
23 West Virginia 3
24 North Carolina
25 Minnesota 8
Dropped Out: Tulsa (#15), Oregon (#20), South Florida (#22), Florida State (#25).
  • Why is Okie State over Oklahoma? I dunno, but their win over Missouri¬† on the road seems more impressive than Oklahoma’s beatdowns of TCU and Kansas. Their loss to Texas looks better by the week.
  • Before you shoot up Tech to #2 over Penn State, take a look at the other teams they’ve beaten. The struggles with Nebraska and A&M are a telling sign that they aren’t quite there, and that OOC schedule is a joke. If they hold off the Oklahoma schools though…
  • Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma St., Oklahoma looks right for now, althought in terms of projections, it’ll probably end up Texas, Okie State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech by the end.
  • USC drops down. Their signature win of the season is Ohio State. Their second biggest win involves penetration of a sterile Oregon secondary. Their third biggest win was a slopfest in the desert with Arizona. Although their aggregate victories will add up as the season goes along (a rout over Cal would go a long way), they have a long way to go before resubmitting their name in the BCS title race.
  • Probably could have shifted Florida and Okie State considering their huge performance in the Cocktail Party, but it’s looking more and more like Georgia took advantage of a down year in the SEC.
  • Good night Tulsa. That leaves Boise State (best win: Oregon), TCU (best win: BYU), Utah (best win: Oregon State), Ball State (best win: Navy) to bust up the BCS. Good good good. Ball State-Florida in the Sugar Bowl is just too good to comprehend. Let the bowls BURN.
  • The bottom half of this poll is just a list of teams that suck too little. Bowl season is going to be fun to bet on.
  • Cal at 19 seems right. In the end they’re probably the second/third best team in the Pac-10, depending on how Oregon State and the ‘Furd finish the season. The Beavers belong in because despite three defeats, two of their losses are to top 10 teams (and Utah should’ve been a win barring a drastic collapse). The 5% chance that Cal-Oregon State could be the Pac-10 title next week is a little too bizarre to picture.

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