Feel Good Story…Utah Jazz? (Utah 127, Golden State 117–OT)

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Derek Fisher’s wild and unbelievable ride in the NBA continues. Underrated defensive role player on the threepeat Lakers (his defense on A.I. made the Philly Finals series much shorter), that miracle shot in San Antonio, and now the amazing theater last night. Returning from his daughter’s emergency surgery in New York, he forced a key turnover on Baron Davis with under a minute left in regulation, and nailed the clutch 3 with a minute left in overtime to seal Game 2. He’s one of our favorite players (the only Laker we never hated) and we wish him all the best in his personal troubles.

We also can’t overlook fantastic performances by Deron Williams (17 pts & 14 assists), Andre Kirilenko (20 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 6 blocks), Okur and Boozer combining for 53 points and 31 rebounds. Baron Davis and Jason Richardson led the way for the Warriors with a combined 63 points. But the Warriors gave this game away. Three missed free throws and that huge turnover all in the last minute of regulation wasted a 5 point lead.

We have to admit we can’t feel much hatred for Utah because of how fantastic the basketball has been on both sides. Two teams that bring out in each other–it’s like the anti-San Antonio-Detroit. The Jazz seem to be the better team, with a great point guard (Williams), great interior presence (Boozer), a power forward who shoots 3s (Okur), a resurgent defensive monster (AK-47), excellent hustle (Millsap) and veteran leadership (Fisher). Plus their fan base is nearly as rabid as Golden State’s–think that MJ taking those titles away from them a decade ago drove them to even higher levels of madness. San Antonio and Phoenix better watch out if the Jazz advance (if the Warriors somehow come back and win 4 of 5, they’ll be out of gas for that series); they are not to be taken lightly.

That said, Friday night is do-or-die. Just let this series live. We miss watching fun basketball.

Williams, Jazz Work Overtime for 2-0 Lead [NBA]
(Image from Yahoo/AP)

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Baron Davis, Meet Deron Williams (Utah 116, Golden State 112)

Posted by: Avinash on Monday, May 7th, 2007

In easily the best game of the NBA Playoffs so far, the Utah Jazz buckled down, boarded it up, and defeated the Warriors in Game 1. It was one of those awesome throwbacks to the old 80s NBA, with great defense, great offense, great performances, and it could’ve gone either way. But the +17 differential on the boards for Utah, especially through Okur and Boozer (a category they should dominate throughout the series) made the big difference, along with 7 blocks by Kirilenko. It was also a coming out party for Deron Williams, with 31 points and 8 assists.

We were encouraged by Al Harrington’s excellent game and Matt Barnes’s continued brilliance, but we wonder if they’ll be able to grind against Utah for more than five to six games. Plenty of up-tempo but hard basketball left most of the Warriors sprawling. Then again, the Warriors were likely a Stephen Jackson 3 away from 1-0, so who knows. We urge any people who don’t understand how the NBA can be fun to watch this series. It’s gonna be grrrreat.

Jazz Outmuscle Warriors for 1-0 Lead [NBA]
(Image from NBA)

Marshawn Lynch, Real Life Buffalo Bill

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, May 4th, 2007

There’s some grumbling in Buffalo about choosing Marshawn Lynch with the #12 pick, considering the Bills have had past character issues with running backs (Lynch’s so-called troubles are plenty exaggerated) this decade. But it seems the city is starting to warm up to him after his press conference:

Marshawn Lynch was so eager to get started, the Buffalo Bills’ top draft pick was spotted peaking around the corner of the team’s media room well before the press conference began Monday.”I got caught in the act,” the former star University of California running back said a few minutes later, flashing a wide gold-toothed grin. “Whew, I’ve been waiting for this since Day 1. This is what I woke up every morning from Pop Warner on for.”

Lynch then held up the Bills jersey—No. 1 with “Lynch” printed on the back—presented to him by team owner Ralph Wilson.

“I was just telling someone, this is really my name on an NFL jersey,” Lynch said. “I accomplished something. And it don’t stop here.”

We’re fairly certain Marshawn will just do fine in our birthplace (he’s moving there with his mother, according to the article), especially if he’s allowed to keep on celebrating like this:

[youtube UqMsT_2teus]

Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure if he tried a stunt like this after the Bills won a game, the No-Fun League would fine him $50000 or suspend him without pay and Peter King would lambast him for standing up the losers. Monday Morning QBs suck.

Bills top draft pick, RB Lynch, eager to get started [San Jose Mercury News]
Marshawn Lynch, Tippin’ His Whip [YouTube]

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Believe: Golden State 111, Dallas 86

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, May 4th, 2007

There aren’t many words we need to describe this good ol’ fashioned ass whopping the Warriors just handed the 67-15 Mavericks. Baron Davis turning in a Willis Reed-type performance with his injured hamstring (and still looking more energetic than any of the Mavericks), Stephen Jackson shooting out of his damned mind, Jason Richardson nailing daggers at the end, Andris Biedrins having all the key hustle plays in that devastating 3rd quarter, Matt Barnes (the unsung hero of this team) nearing a triple double by game’s end. There will be a lot said about Dallas underachieving in this series, but the Warriors acted true to their namesake, and played as if they were the ones favored to win a title. That amazing crowd didn’t hurt either.

As for the greatest upset of all time? Not really sure, because it wasn’t unprecedented. The Warriors have historically given Dallas trouble, even before Don Nelson took over. The matchups worked well against the Mavs, especially with a guard who can run into the paint and either slash or layup, or if drawing the open man can kick it out to the open man (Nash with Phoenix, Wade with Miami, Davis with Golden State are the three most prominent examples). A better defensive point guard might be the best option over the summer for the Mavs (sorry Devin Harris, but you are expendable). Trade depth for a little experience–there was no doubt who the more tough-minded team was in this series.

As for Golden State, well, we have to say we are now very interested as to what will happen in the next round. The matchups would be more favorable if they played Houston (essentially Dallas lite), and much tougher against Utah (no way does Davis penetrate the lane against Boozer and AK-47). But the Warriors have already exceeded expectations. Now it’s time for them to make everyone believe that they’re destined for something more than just being a Cinderella story.

Warriors Upset Mavs to Clinch First-Round Series [NBA]
(Image from NBA)

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Poll Smoking–Telebears XVIII, Sociology

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

For our last Telebears preview, we bring you the tough slog major that is…sociology. Sociology…isn’t this what all the Cal football/basketball players who couldn’t major in social welfare or family planning or mass comm. end up majoring in? Or the department where humorless feminists go to preach social change?

Yeah. That’s what we think about the difficulty of the sociology major. Won’t stop me from rooting for our boys next fall. Here’s what they have to say about their instructors.

(Note: This will be our last Telebears section until after Finals. We assume no one really cares about their schedules by next week, unless you, the readers, flood our email boxes demanding we write up who the best professors are to take by Sunday night. Then we might reconsider. We’re taking dates too, girls only sadly. Textbooks available after the jump.)

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Alright Dallas, Now It’s So On

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Oh my God. We thought our first Warriors post would be enough to motivate the crowd to show up tonight, but no, Dallas fans had to raise the stakes. Well, they are raised my friends, they are fucking raised.

[youtube yrK6aLA1HgA]

Ok, Warriors fans. Can you now imagine if the Mavs come back and win this series. Not only Charles Barkley, but little maestro Bentley Green will be sticking it to you all summer long. You can’t have that. America can’t have that. Lil’ Ronnie’s already on his way to signing huge “hick hop” deals after his mad beats lifted the Colts to a Super Bowl. Bentley Green cannot be allowed to succeed in his diabolical plans.

Bay Area Calls Out Charles Barkley [Deadspin]
Bentley Green:: “Dallas Mavericks Song” [YouTube]

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So It Comes Down to This

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Perhaps the biggest event in Warriors history goes down tonight in Oracle Arena (I’d count the time Rick Barry won the NBA Finals, but no one remembers that series). Now that the series is at 3-2 and in Oakland, the Warriors essentially control their own fate. They’re 48 minutes away from history…or from a return trip to Dallas for Game 7. Either way, NBA fans win, except for the ones who can’t stay up until 1 in the morning out East watching basketball. Nice job scheduling the games league.

This is a call to all the Warriors fans out there tonight. Listen. Your team is battered beyond belief. Baron Davis will probably get hounded for 48 minutes, Stephen Jackson nearly got four technical fouls in four seconds, Matt Barnes was hobbling around like Kevin McHale during the 1987 Playoffs, etc. etc. It’s your job to lift them to that next level, get them back on their feet, get the adrenaline going to close out this series before things really get bleak.

You can make a difference in this game. We saw you at Game 3 last week, and while we were impressed, we think you can do even better for do-or-die Game 6 (you do not want to see the Warriors go back to Dallas). Stand and cheer every play on defense. Whenever Dirk Nowitzki goes to the free throw line or has the ball in his hand, boo him mercilessly–Dirk always gets rattled against tough crowds. Everytime Devin Harris starts flopping backwards, call him “Vlade” or something…just get on his hide too, he was not to be stopped in Game 5.

Above all, make noise, cheer, bring energy back into the Warriors. The expectations have already been surpassed. Most thought Golden State would win one game at home and then quietly go away. Well, it’s Game 6, it’s your series to win. The pressure’s off. No need to be anxious like those pansy Mavs fans, who were standing throughout Game 5 wondering exactly how their team could blow it this time. Just bring it all out and carry your team to the so-called greatest upset in NBA history.

You do believe. Don’t you?

(Image from NBA)

Rocky Topping Into Primetime

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Everyone in Commifornia just loves to make fun of the Deep South, mocking their archaic lifestyle, their firecracker fetishes, their deadbeat trailer trash. It might also be true that inbreeding does not produce the most prodigious of offspring, as evidenced at the right. Nevertheless, people can say what they want about the rednecks of the Deep South, but Lord, do they go all out for their football fans.

When you travel on the Official Tennessee vs. Cal Football Weekend, you’ll be treated well. The tour stays at the luxurious Palace Hotel in San Francisco, you’ll have round-trip transfers to the game and back, a Big Orange Tailgate Event, and so much more!

Want to extend your stay after the big Tennessee victory (HA!)? Why not? The Official Tour offers you the chance to relax in the beautiful Napa Valley. Accommodations are at the fabulous Silverado Country Club and Resort. Your extension to Napa offers you all sorts of opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself after a spectacular Football Weekend.

Now if only Cal did this sort of thing for its fans when they crossed into Neyland last year…I guess no one was really interested in visiting the local gun shop.

Cal vs. Tennessee will be entering primetime this year on Sept. 1st, 5 PM local time. Also our home game against USC will be televised at about the same time, 5 PM, with both games on ABC’s Saturday Night Football. You little Bears better bring it hard–don’t let those pampered Vols fans get a moment of respite four months from now. Cry for revenge.

Tennessee-Cal to Kick off Saturday Night Football [ESPN]
Tennessee Football Wants You To Travel With Them To The Cal Game [Volunteer TV]

(Image from Sunday Morning QB)

Studying Abroad Forever, Telebears XVII–Anthropology

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Anthropology always seemed like an interesting, low-maintenance, and even somewhat relevant type of major that the geek inside all of us appreciates. You get to learn about people, about culture, travel to exotic locations, meet the remaining indigenous tribes on Earth. As long as you don’t mind all the skeleton interaction and aren’t a necrophiliac, these might be cool classes to check out.

Here’s what students are saying about the professors of the fall classes.

Anthro 2AC, Introduction to Archeology
L Wilkie, MWF 11-12, 100 Lewis
In Small Things Forgotten: An Archaeology of Early American LifeArchaeologies of the Contemporary Past
“Keeps the class interesting and fun. She’ll tell you fun stories about mardi gras and armadillos… a great lecturer…swamped at office hours because she’s so loved by her students! Exams are straight-forward to boot”

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And Mark Cuban Still Breathes

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

You know, if someone asked us who could come back from a 21 point deficit, we’d probably say the Phoenix Suns. If someone asked us who could blow a 9 point lead with about three and a half minutes left, we would probably say a Rick Adelman-coached team (trust us, we have plenty of experience with it). But if you do both of those things in the same game? Well, then you’re the Golden State Warriors, that’s who you are.

This game had the classic Dallas syndrome of domination and collapse (remember Game 3 of the Finals last year?). Golden State kept on creeping back and creeping back, and Dirk stopped driving to the rim, and the Warriors had that extra fire in the 2nd half that seemed to sense that they had their opponents on the ropes. Barnes played out of his mind, Richardson kicked himself into another gear, and Baron Davis was Mr. Steady, pushing them to the brink, taking them to 112-103 with 3 and a half to go.

The next thing we know, Dirk is nailing 3s and blocking shots, Davis is getting trapped for the first time in the series, the Warriors are taking horrendous jumpers with plenty of time on the shot clock, the Mavs are driving to the rim and getting their fouls, Davis gets a phantom sixth foul, Jackson’s getting ejected again, which could mean a Game 6 suspension (a suspension that would send Warrior Nation into conspiracy frenzy). And all of a sudden it’s 3-2 Golden State, with the pressure all back on the Warriors to close it out on their homecourt.

We find it amusing that it took a nine-point deficit, four minutes away from elimination to make the league’s likely MVP FINALLY act like an MVP. We guess that’s how an MVP is supposed to act, right? Anyone?

I guess I’m happy that this series goes longer, just because this series has been the only compelling thing to come out of a lackluster 2006-07 season, and the Warriors still hold the upper hand with that zealous crowd in Game 6 Thursday night. However, if Golden State ends up blowing this series, we’re not blaming Stern, or the refs, or Nelson, or even the Warriors for not adjusting to the situation. We’re blaming the Sports Guy for jinxing the Warriors two straight nights in a row, along with half the sports journalists in the country who don’t give a damn about the NBA drooling at the mouth at a Dallas upset. Have some goddamned patience. It’s not an upset until it’s over.

Nowitzki Brings Mavs Back From Brink in Game 5 [NBA]
(Image from Yahoo/AP)

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