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Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, April 28th, 2007

We try to avoid hyperbole around these parts, but man, last night’s game was incredible. Even sitting in the back back row of the arena, the excitement in the stadium is too difficult to describe. We wish we could send you that picture of the Indian dude Bhangra-ing up in the 4th row, but I think this is adequate enough.

That being said, Dallas is now down 2-1 in a series in which they’ve been thoroughly outplayed, culminating in a perfect Game 3 by Golden State. The Warriors have held even or played better than them for 10 out of 12 quarters, and who knows what would have happened if there wasn’t a meltdown in Game 2.

We’re not sure what to make of Golden State owning Dallas’s jock. It’s like the Mavericks are Federer, the Warriors are Nadal, and the arena is made of clay. Avery looked completely flummoxed during that game, up to the point that Austin Croshere and Maurice Ager got decent 2nd half minutes. 67% free throw shooting brings up Finals memories. The Diop/Dampier combo was completely ineffective. Their longest unanswered scoring streak of the game was nine points (four). 40 missed jump shots and a -20 point differential in the paint for Dallas. What the hell? Is Avery really trying to out-small ball the Warriors? More power to them if they try it again, but the result will probably be 3-1 and the overrated calls in the media will come louder than ever.

It has to be Nellie. It must be Nellie. I didn’t believe before this game. But we’ll know in about 36 hours whether this was the best Golden State had to offer.

Warriors 109, Mavericks 91 [NBA]
(Image from Yahoo)

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