Cal Football

Most Glorious Moments under Tedford
Most Painful Defeats of the Tedford era

2007 Season

The Big Issues
Bending to Heartbreak (Why Gregory’s System Failed Us)
Why Tedford Sticks With Longshore
Who Do You Hate More, USC or Stanford?
What all the upsets meant to Cal
Top Plays in September of 2007 for the Golden Bears
Oh, Hey, Cal “Fans”
Calling All REAL Cal Fans…
The Rose Bowl complex
Ask the Readers: How Do You Cope With Defeat?
The BCS: Part I
, Part II, and Playoffs
On Quitting
On Coaches
Nate vs. Riley: Part I

Nate’s Travails Part I, Part II
Turnovers Part I, Part II, & Part III

Cal Recruiting Maps, 2002-07
Pac-10 Recruiting Maps Part I & Part II
Recruiting Class of 2008

Seniors (Saying Goodbye Series)
Robert Jordan
Craig Stevens
Mike Gibson
Thomas DeCoud
Lavelle Hawkins
DeSean Jackson
Justin Forsett

Solioquys (self-indulged ramblings)
Volunteer for the Cause…Tennessee
Back to Normal–I Hope…Colorado State
Time to Start Growling…Louisiana Tech
A Good Day For Revenge…Arizona
The More Things Change…Oregon
Coming Home Again…Oregon State
The Lights Go Out…USC
The Very Small Game…Stanfurd

Opponent Reviews
Colorado State
Louisiana Tech
Washington State

Postgame recaps
Louisiana Tech
Bear Up…Arizona
Rolling into the Bye Week…Oregon

Oh, You Pesky Little Beaver…Oregon State
Well, That Wasn’t Fun…UCLA
The Big Game
Armed Forces Bowl

Interviews with opposing fans

Tennessee (Vol Nation)
CSU (RamNation)
La Tech (Bulldogs Barks and Bytes)
Arizona (GOAZCATS)
Oregon (E-Duck)
Oregon State (Bleed Black and Orange)
ASU (Devil’s Digest)
Wazzu (CougFan)

Interview with Hydrotech
Tennessee previews
Tennessee reactions
Colorado State reactions
Louisiana Tech reactions
Arizona reactions
Oregon previews
Oregon reactions
Big Game reactions

Cal-Colorado State,
Action Jackson Diaries–Part I (Fighting Manginos!)
Part II (Vol rampage)

Part III (USC-Stanford. I hyperventilated twice)

Report Cards
Perfectly Dorrellian–Cal-UCLA
Burned Alive –Cal-ASU
Deflecting Away Defeat–Cal-Wazzu
Tears Fall From the Heavens–Cal-USC
The Floodgates Open– Cal-UW
A Fitting End–The Big Game

Recreational writing
Let’s See the SEC Pull This Awesomeness Off
Cal Athletics Everyone!
Mike Stoops: Double Agent of the Big 12?
Oh Lord…No…Why Can’t He Go Away?
My Big Game Prediction
Oh, THIS is why USC Lost
This is NOT Better Than the Play

The Pac-10
Halftime Report, Part I; Part II
Pac-10, Up and Down.
Coaching Carousel Part I, Part II, Epilogue

Tree sitters
The War Has Already Begun. And Ended.
Breaking News: Goodbye Treesitters, We Hardly Knew Ye
Beginning of the End?

Bowl predictions
Bowl Opponents: Emerald
Sun and Elsewhere (failed at all of these predictions–go me)

The Line…ugh.

Watching games online
TVUPlayer for Versus
Sopcast for ESPN/ABC

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