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Since this site’s main focus has moved from Cal academics to Cal sports, we’re moving the academics section here for those who are just here to figure out what teachers they should take next fall. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for. These will be regularly updated in between me procrastinating away actual work I should be doing, but I hope you find these helpful. Here are the sections, divided by subject. If there are any classes I missed let me know at!

Fall 2008
Math Lower Division
* Math Upper Division Cores * Math Upper Division Electives * Pre-Med Pre-Reqs * History Lower Division * Astronomy/Physics Lower Division * Physics Upper Division * Statistics * Cognitive Science * Letters and Science Discovery Courses * Psychology *

Spring 2008
Math Lower Division * Math Upper Division Part I, Upper Division Part II * Freshman Seminars * Pre-Med Pre-Reqs * Astronomy/Physics Lower Div * Physics Upper Div * EECS Lower Div * Engineering Lower Div * Civil Engineering Lower Div

Fall 2007

Math * Physics * EECS * Engineering * Pre-Med Pre-Reqs * MCB * Integrative Bio * Economics * Business * Statistics * PEIS/Political Science * Psychology * History * English * Linguistics * Philosophy * Anthropology * Sociology * The Easiest Professors Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV * The Hardest Professors * The Worst Professors * The Best Professors

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