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I love my Golden Bears. It took me a short while to recover from all the painful defeats of my professional teams, so while I was a casual fan in 2004, my conversion didn’t truly begin until two years later. I’m still a youngin. Hopefully in the next few years my sunny optimism will be replaced with Stephen A. Smith-like ranting. “CAUSE THE ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS IS TO DROWN OUT THE NOISE!”

Best player I’ve seen: Marshawn Lynch, running wild with my native Bills. As the Bears faded down the stretch in 2006, Lynch carried us to two huge wins in Washington and UCLA with an array of dazzling plays. Sometimes his all-out attack energy can get the best of him with injuries as they bit him later in the season (play hard AND smart ghostrider!), but he’s still something special to watch.

Favorite players from 2004: Everyone. My favorite Tedford team. Just nine yards short of glory!

Favorite players from 2005: That defense was great, but I was pretty much out of that season after I watched Ayoob fumble it around.

Favorite players from 2006: Aside from Lynch, Dante Daymieon Hughes, Brendon Mebane, Desmond Bishop.

Favorite players from 2007: Justin Forsett, The Hawk, Zach Follett.

Stanford, USC, UCLA? USC. Hate everything and anything associated with Trojan Red Urine. UCLA is more of a passive hatred. Stanford was never really there for me, although now that they have the Axe it is slowly smoldering.

Most incredible experience as a Cal fan? The 2006 Oregon game. Ducks riding high on offense, touting Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart, sitting in the tenth row of the Student Section. Then Hampton intercepts the first pass from scrimmage and the rout was on. Sixty perfect minutes of dominating football. That game converted me for good. I’ve bled Blue and Gold ever since.

[youtube u2QnI550S7s]

Worst experience as a Cal fan? Umm…have you been watching us this year? This team’s beautiful finish made me physically ill.

Any other rooting interests? I love my hometown Bills, and now with Lynch patrolling the backfield like a star, I can unite both my pigskin passions. Being an NBA junkie, was a big Shaq-Penny Magic fan in my youth when I lived in Florida, enjoyed the Kings of 2002-05 and Nellie-ball right now in the East Bay. I also occasionally root for the Florida Gators when Cal is out of the picture and my dad’s old school, the UCF Golden Knights (who are starting to do better than we ever did), but these are more in passing than anything serious. My heart’s with the Bears.

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