No Breaks for the Rich–Golden State’s Summer, Part II

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, July 29th, 2007

While the Warriors didn’t land Garnett, they were busy making other moves.

[youtube 3LY3E6tSDUg]

Clearly with this punctuation mark from last year’s playoffs, Jason Richardson didn’t seem to be ready to leave Golden State anytime soon. As most Warriors fans know by now, Chris Mullin thought otherwise. On Draft Night, the GM dealt Richardson for the Bobcats #8 pick, which turned out to be North Carolina’s Brendan Wright.

Some old-time Warriors fans feel as raw as Richardson did about the trade. He had been with the club all throughout its struggling years. Davis and Richardson had emerged in the late regular season as a lethal one-two combo. So why give him away for a draft pick with braces that won’t be developed until Nelson is gone? Read on for our mind-blowing analysis of the situation, along with some excellent analysis of Mickael Pietrus’s moves. (From the Blowtorch)

We didn’t jump onto the Warrior bandwagon until this spring, so we’re pretty impartial about this. In basketball terms, Richardson is still an athletic two guard who can’t play much defense (he was torched in the Utah series and made minimal difference throughout the playoffs), and was really the beneficiary of Davis’s arrival, not the other way around. Additionally, Richardson lifted this team to only a perennial 38-44 status until von Baron arrived. So while some of the zest of Golden State might be gone, the possibility for a Warriors team that can go deep into May and June no longer looks like a fantasy, depending on what further offseason moves remain.

Speaking of fantasy, he now gets to complement perhaps the greatest fantasy team on Earth. Okafor, Gerald Wallace, Sean May, and now Richardson, with MJ looming overhead? Might as well add the ABA ball. In the weak East, they’ll be making noise and shattering backboards. Not sure if that means they’ll win anything though. At least it’ll be cool to lose again.

Golden State of Mind holds a few odes to their #23.

In more lighthearted news, Cheese-eating surrender monkeys sure can jive:

[youtube VDioJuUopsg]

First Tony Parker’s earth-changing rap debut (which I’m pretty sure has caused greater global warming than carbon emissions), now this. Americans better step up to the plate my friends, or the frog ballers will soon be taking the finest ladies America has to offer.

Parting Richardson thoughts for the Warriors fans reading this?

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