Coming Home Again (Cal-Oregon State Soliloquy)

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, October 12th, 2007


One historic month has ended. Will another one follow?

Avenging Neyland and Tucson, surviving Fort Collins, conquering Autzen, growing and learning from all the mistakes–this is what the California Golden Bears accomplished this September. But October brings new challenges and new demons to exorcise. Every step to this team’s goals becomes harder and darker, and you just have to dig in and hold tighter, race faster, block harder, tackle stronger. Ride your skills as long as you can; let your heart take you the rest of the way. Dick Button couldn’t have phrased it any better.

We have already won two big games this year. But there are still many challenges ahead, with the meat of the Pac-10’s defensive stalwarts rising to challenge us. such as winning at the Rose Bowl for the first time in Tedford’s reign (UCLA might be roughened up, but strange things happen in the Rose Bowl). Or defeating what looks to be a very strong ASU squad, who will do their best to turn on the fireworks in the desert and bring more roadspun agony from the Arizona desert.

But that’s in the distance; this week brings OSU, a team that, to the common fan’s eyes, wouldn’t seem to give us trouble. Yet of all the Pac-10 teams, the Beavers have had the greatest deal of success in Memorial the past six years, taking the last three games from our homefield, the last two in especially heartbreaking fashion. In a year of taking chips off our shoulders, Oregon State is the latest pest we must swat.

So while it’s been fun looking ahead these past two weeks to what could be, it’s time to focus on the present, on the Beavers, to start making the dreams of the future reality.

(Note: I will not be posting Saturday, so consider this an open thread for the game and other college football/Bears-related action. If you haven’t commented on this site already, you’ll need to comment sometime tonight if you want your remarks to show up.)

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