Here is What Lost the Game

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, October 14th, 2007

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3. Cal had three turnovers (one fluky, one impressive, one disastrous) that led to 13 Oregon State points. All of these drives together netted under thirty yards. Pretty high yard-to-point ratio.
(Note: You know a loss really sucked for you when turnovers are only the third most important reason you lost)
2. After Cal’s go-ahead TDs at 14-10 and 21-20, the special teams proceeded to fall apart by (1) giving Oregon State a short field with 40 seconds left that allowed the Beavers to get within one before halftime on an amazing Serna 52 yarder, and (2) provided a short field for Canfield to knock it down our throats on a huge kick return. Bringing us to reason #1…
1. We broke. Anyone who knows Cal well enough knows what I’m talking about. (Reason #1 is the next post)

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