Action Jackson Preview, Week 11

Posted by: Avinash on Thursday, November 8th, 2007

This isn’t exactly the highest profile week for college football–the real meat is still a week or two away. College Gameday can’t really find a compelling matchup, so they’re taking a quickie to Williams College and watching them battle Amherst. Lord, even the Division III schools get high end coverage in New England. Sickening.

Here are the battles to look at if you’re staying in front of the boob tube. All times PST.

Louisville at #7 West Virginia, 4:30 PM, ESPN. Louisville’s defense has gotten it together after a horrendous start. Anything left in the tank for their most formidable test of the season?

On the Left Coast (outside of our rumble)…
#9 Arizona State at UCLA, 12:30 PM, ABC. Perfect time for a UCLA win. You just know this crap will happen. You can see it coming a mile away with Dorrell.

Stanford at Wazzu, 3:30 PM, FSN Bay Area.This will be a nasty game to watch. Stay away.

Washington at Oregon State, 7:15, FSN. Unless you are a Starbucks whore or enjoy wearing sleek orange, I have no idea why you’d be interested in this game.


#12 Michigan at Wisconsin, 9 AM, ESPN. Poor Wisconsin. If Michigan had beaten down the Spartans they could have had a great chance at an upset. Hard for me to see them staying with this team for more than 5 hours.

Wake Forest at #21 Clemson, 9 AM, ESPN2. Pam Ward will be there. That’ll be enough to keep you away.

Mississippi St. at #22 Alabama; Arkansas at#24 Tennessee, 9:30 AM, online. None of these games are shoo-ins anymore. The last game is of particular importance, since Arkansas has an outside shot at the SEC West and UT cannot afford any slip-ups if they want a BCS shot.

Texas A&M at #6 Missouri, 9:30 AM, FSN. Nebraska-Kansas Part II.

#18 Auburn at #10 Georgia, 12:30 PM, CBS. Looks like the most entertaining game of the day, with Tuberville’s upset tour continuing to roll. Should be a goodie.

Illinois at #1 Ohio State, 12:30 PM, ESPN. Hard for me to see Illinois sneaking this one out at the Horseshoe. But stranger things have happened.

#19 Virginia at Miami, 4:15, ESPN2. I’d rather watch decomposing dog feces.

#15 Florida at South Carolina, 4:45 PM, ESPN. Saban Bowl last week, Spurrier Bowl this week. Florida pretty much needs this win to stay alive in the SEC East race, but look for the good ol’ ball coach to give it everything he has.

#4 Kansas at Oklahoma State, 5 PM, ABC. This game will be broadcast through most of the country, so I’ll try and see if there are alternative ways to get Cal-USC. On the other hand, if watching the Fighting Manginos makes you happier…

Fresno State at #16 Hawaii, 8 PM, ESPN2. End this nonsense Fresno State. You’d better score 70 on that crappy D.

Yeah, like I said, not very exciting.

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