Action Jackson Preview, Week 13 (Cranberry Sauce)

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

With Cal off and a regular season collapse nearing completion, I won’t pay much attention to general football this week. Okay, that’s a lie. But I’m exhausted from readying the offseason posts, so I’m going to sit on my ass and chow down, just like everyone else. I might check in for a special Thanksgiving weekend post or two, but not terribly likely. I’ll be back on Monday with some Big Game material and a clearer rundown of bowl scenarios. Enjoy stuffing your gut with turkey, Golden Bears.

USC at Arizona State, 5 PM, ESPN
. For the Rose Bowl edge, depending on what happens with the reeling Ducks and Pac-10 rivalry week. Shaping up to be a lovely Thanksgiving of pigskin with the NFL matchups.

Nebraska at Colorado, 9 AM, ABC. Farewell Huskers. Enjoy your decade of mediocrity along with the Hurricanes and the Seminoles. Thank small favors you’re not the Irish.
Ole Miss at Miss State, 9:30 AM, Online.
Arkansas at LSU, 11:30 AM, CBS. This should be good for a thousand more heart attacks in the Bayou.
Texas at Texas A&M, 12:30 PM, ABC. If Texas wants in on the BCS, they need to win here and hope Oklahoma blows a gasket in their rivalry game. A win at least assures them a decent venue in San Diego or Dallas. Unless they really want to go to Jacksonville for New Year’s.
Boise St. at Hawaii, 6 PM, ESPN. It’s riding on you Boise State. Statue of Liberties, quadrulple laterals, a wide receiver playing deep safety, ten offensive tackles….or you can just play defense. Do what you can to take down the Rainbows.

UConn at West Virginia. 9 AM, ESPN
. For the Big East BCS bid.
Virginia Tech at Virginia, 9 AM, ESPN2.
Tennessee at Kentucky, 10:30 AM, CBS.
Strange how conference tiebreakers work–if Tennessee wins, they win the SEC East; if they lose, it belongs to Georgia.
Oregon at UCLA, 12:30 PM, ABC. Oregon 2007=Cal 2006. Devastating loss early, convicing wins in the middle…only to blow it on a road trip down south when baller Dennis Dixon can’t ride out the storm. Just watch USC beat ASU, break Rudy Carpenter’s leg, turning the USC-UCLA game into a battle for the Pac-10 title. What a fucking bizarre season.
Kansas State at Fresno State, 12:30 PM, ESPN. What a bizarre game to put on national TV. Excuse me if I don’t watch a second of it.
Notre Dame at Stanford, 12:30 PM, ESPN2. As far as three weeks ago, I would have considered this an exercise in pigskin sadism. Now I might be actually scouting for Stanford’s strengths and weaknesses. I do not want to lose the Big Game. It’s all we have left to hang onto.
Oklahoma St. at Oklahoma, 12:30 PM, FSN. Remember when this was an actual rivalry that people cared about? Yeah….
FSU at Florida, 2 PM, CBS. One of those rivalries that was a lot more entertaining ten years ago. Now it’s just Gator beatdowns in the Swamp and an occasional Seminole upset in Doak Campbell. Actually, that’s what it was back then too. Gators playing for New Year’s Day; Tim Tebow playing with a force field encased around his body.
Clemson at South Carolina, 4 PM, ESPN2. Still reeling from that Clemson meltdown last Saturday. The ACC is so shitty, a one man team has now engineered two fourth quarter comebacks against their top two teams.
Wazzu at Washington, 4 PM, FSN. With Wazzu’s obliteration/bowl elimination this weekend, this game means nothing to anyone. It’s all pride for apples.
Alabama at Auburn, 5 PM, ESPN. The Iron Bowl never fails.
Missouri at Kansas, 5 PM, ABC. Would you have thought this rivalry would produce the most meaningful November result of all? No, you wouldn’t.

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