The Bears Are Whimpering (Reactions to the Big Game)

Posted by: Avinash on Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

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Some blogs handle defeat better than others. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being tolerable, 1 being intolerable, The Golden Blogs are a 15, Oski Talk a 10, TBIOOTF is a 0, I’m probably a 3, and Bruins Nation is -5000. Some blogs stopped writing after the Husky defeat, so I guess they’re an Incomplete. I love breaking scales.

I thought about surveying the Bear Insider for responses, but that probably would have broken my computer. Without further adieu…

TwistNHook: “I am more than well equiped to deal with failure. It excites me. And when I say “excite” I really mean “arouse.” It turns me on. I really get off on failure. This whole year while everybody else was “Saying oh no, not another Longshore interception just as it looked like we might tie the game up late in the 4th” I was touching myself inappropriately and yelling “Oh yeah, Nate, underthrow that shit, oh yeah, fucking underthrow the shit out of that, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Tedford, when Robert Jordan nearly decapitated that camera-man yesterday I think I splooged all over section 228 row I. And those are some pretty long rows.

This whole year has been an amazing, erotic journey for me (from Milan to Minsk). It’s just been one new experience of failure after enother. “Oh yeah, unknown Washington running back who nobody has ever heard of before, run another 60 yard run straight through the middle without getting touched, I’m going limp here!”

Tom Shneider pulling his hammy before the opener was a god-send. Anytime I saw Kay sprint out there for a FG over 35 yards, it was just all “Schwing!”

My wife even knows. When she wants to steamy up our love-making, she knows all she has to do is just whisper “1st and Goal at the 1″ into my ear. And I am good to go.

Cal’s stunning inability to not score helps me score!”

Excuse Me For My Voice: “So Tedford loses his first Big Game and, while it’s not logical, I almost wonder if it might be his last game at Cal. Logically he should come back after a year like this, and it would be ironic if he finally was wooed away after his worst year at Cal. I want him to come back — he’s just too good a coach, and if he leaves I fear we’ll be seeing a Gilbertsonian-type slide back into oblivion. Crossing fingers.

As for this team, I don’t really need to see more. Unfortunately, the vagaries of bowl scheduling mean that Cal will be playing one more game. Maybe they can view it as a stepping stone to next season. Or maybe they can keep playing the way they have the past two months and finish 6-7, cementing the status of the 2007 Cal Bears for what they truly are: losers.”

The Band Is Out On The Field: “It was absolutely clear that no one cared anymore at the start of the second half, as the Cardinal offense cut through the Bears defense. Even from the second deck, it was clear they were listless.
My cousin, sitting next to me said, “If you don’t care that you are trailing in the Big Game, coming out for the second half, you just don’t care.”

At this point, I really don’t either.

At least the Cal athletic administration found a way to put a positive spin on things. Their headline this morning, “Cal Falls to Stanford in 110th Big Game – Nate Longshore went 22-of-46 for 252 yards but throws two interceptions.”

22-for-46 Go Nate!!”

Sunday Morning QB: “Remember when Cal had an offense? Like, a real offense, one that would never, ever, in a million years go three-and-out in six straight possessions against Stanford? Those days are long gone, friends, and with them any conception of Cal as an up-and-coming contender in the Pac Ten, or Jeff Tedford as an up-and-coming contender for the biggest jobs. His team laid down with the biggest prizes in front of it, and end it with the worst loss of his tenure.”

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