It’s Okay to Be Selfish

Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Montgomery explains his reasons for leaving Cal:

Coming to Cal in the first place wasn’t a slam dunk for Montgomery. He’s said it before and he told me again on the phone that his choice to attend Cal was more of a family decision. Even when he was being recruited, Montgomery wasn’t sure Cal was the right fit for him. But his family really wanted him to stay close to home, and as Montgomery put it, “they basically told me to go work hard and try to make it work.” He said he did that but “didn’t feel happy in Berkeley. I never felt it at Berkeley. It never really did it for me.”

Montgomery also said he never made the comments that were reported by that questioned Cal’s tradition or its ability to sell out games even when the team was highly ranked.

“There’s a lot being twisted,” Montgomery said. “I would never talk bad about Cal. Everybody knows I’m a team guy.”

Knowing this, I’m behind the kid all the way. If you follow your parents’s wishes rather than your own when you’re of the age to make your own decisions, then you’re probably going to be pretty miserable in the long run. Kudos to James to realizing this in time, and I hope he figures out where he’ll be the happiest in the spring season.

(I just wish I had figured that out, but that’s a story you don’t need to know about)

Sidenote: I’ll be off Thursday-Sunday unless something urgent happens because no one’s going to be reading anything about college football the next four days; I might liveblog the tournament, but probably not. Back to a full schedule next Monday, and hopefully a new web design. In case there are any troubles with the transition, you might want to subscribe to the feed to look at the older posts.

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