Open Thread: Which Regular Season Game Are You Looking At?

Posted by: Avinash on Friday, July 11th, 2008


We’re two months away from kickoff and Bears Necessity is kicking into full preview mode; time for the readers to open up about the upcoming season. Every Cal game is obviously a must-watch, but which one do you really have your eye on as “must-see”? There are a lot of great games on the calendar, plus the home schedule definitely is in our favor this year. The poll responses and comments could influence how much coverage this site gives to every game before the season.

Here are a few preliminary reasons one can find to look forward to a particular game.

Michigan State–Opening night always seems to have a nice touch on the tongue. The last time we beat the Spartans, it was the first good sign of things to come. Hopefully this is a similar occasion. And there’s that whole Gold thing.
at Washington State–A final of 14-6 is not out of the question. And nothing’s more football than September in Pullman.
at Maryland–East coast swing baby. Might be the only time anyone east of the Mississippi gives a crap about our team.
Colorado State–Well, there’s the potential to be ripely embarrassed, or just because this looks like the lock on the schedule. So there’s that.
Arizona State–The thought of a revamped defense knocking Rudy Carpenter to the ground puts a bit of a smile on my face.
at Arizona–Hate this game. I’m already staring at this one with mortal dread.
Oregon–Dixon and Stewart gone, our offensive stars gone. This might not be the offensive fireworks show it used to be. Oh wait, it never was an offensive fireworks show.
UCLA–Slick Rick, Norm Chow, DeWayne Walker. The Bermuda Triangle of coaching. Too bad they don’t have a quarterback to go with it.
at USC–Our chances at a Rose Bowl are quite dim, but it’s obvious who we’re going to have to beat to get there.
at Oregon State–Revenge game. Simple as that.
Stanford–Get that Axe back.
Washington–Jake Locker on the final week. Just thrilling.

Vote in the poll. and voice your opinions in the comments–which regular season game are you looking forward to the most and which ones do you want to see covered?

Note: They don’t have to just be Cal games. For general fans out there, are you already scheduling your life around USC-Ohio State? I know I can’t wait to see what happens in the Coliseum.

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