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Posted by: Avinash on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008
Rank Team Delta
1 Texas
2 Penn State
3 Alabama
4 Oklahoma
5 Oklahoma State 1
6 Florida 2
7 Southern Cal
8 Georgia 1
9 Utah 4
10 Texas Tech 2
11 Boise State 2
12 TCU 2
13 Missouri 6
14 Ball State 3
15 Tulsa 3
16 Ohio State 5
17 Minnesota 3
18 LSU 8
19 Michigan State 7
20 Oregon 6
21 Brigham Young 2
22 South Florida 6
23 California 3
24 North Carolina 2
25 Florida State 1
Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#15), Kansas (#21), Northwestern (#22), Georgia Tech (#24), Boston College (#25).

The theme of the week? Impressive.

At first I had Georgia jumping up 3 spots for their bashing in Death Valley…

Then I realized Florida had done the exact same thing…

Then I realized Georgia’s other victories were looking less impressive by the week…

Then I saw the Gators were 6 point favorites in the Outdoor Cocktail Party…

So yeah, less impressed.

Also less impressed by Utah. Their victories OOC look worse every week. They’re still a top ten team, but the teams above them are going to have to lose one or two more before they can rise up for a title game appearance. They aren’t leaving the top 10 though.

Texas Tech’s beatdown in Kansas means a lot, but it doesn’t merit a huge jump in the polls. After a bizarre down year for the Big 12 South, it appears they’ve resumed their slapfest of their Northern rivals. Oklahoma, Okie State, Texas and Texas Tech are now 4-0 against Kansas and Missouri. One of these two teams will get one final shot in the Big 12 title game, but I wouldn’t start putting Tech up there with Texas (who have actually beaten the Oklahomas). 10th sound about right for them; a win over Texas would move them way up.

I do have an affinity for Missouri’s shutdown of Colorado though. They leap a lot, because frankly none of the teams that were ahead of them did much. Plus the fact that their two losses are to current top-five teams is a huge plus in their favor.

Yes, the Ducks and the Bears are ranked, although both of these teams are destined to lay road eggs. They go up here because the rest of the country’s two-loss teams have looked that bad. Frankly, I prefer Oregon State in the Pac-10 (two losses to top ten teams and a transition loss to the ‘Furd), but they might have to wait a few weeks when they notch more impressive victories under their belt.

While I’m less than impressed by either Oregon or Cal, they both seem better than the horrid selection of Big East and ACC schools. The fact that two ACC teams can enter the rankings each week and then lose to fall right back out is too exasperating to merit. Lucky for them, the trend will not completely continue: North Carolina is off. But Florida State’s turn in the chopping block has come (hi Georgia Tech).

Meanwhile Pitt gives up 54 to a three win Rutgers team and South Florida falls to Louisville, ending any interest the rest of the country has for the Big East. I’m tempted to kick both of them out, but South Florida stays for now. This bottom rung of the top 25 is like choosing between lepers and cripples to fight your wars.

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