Just Want To Club in SF? Easiest Classes This Semester, Part IV

Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, August 18th, 2007

(The semester is now closer than ever, and you’re probably scrambling around Telebears these last few weeks, filling up holes in your schedules with classes you probably will end up hating. Well, no worries. We’ll be happy to provide you with teachers who will be pushover…push you to your limits. Of your alarm clocks. If you’re just looking for classes to end your time at Berkeley on the right note or start it off without a damper, this might be your list. You’ll be sleeping every night comfortably taking this schedule. Your dreams will be endless. And you will be dousing yourself in alcohol every Saturday night. Ain’t that the life?

There are obvious courses you can cruise-control through (Physics 10, Astro 10, anything with a 10), so let’s find some more unlikely candidates. This is a five part series in no particular order. Classes for your snooze button after the jump. All ratings from Rate My Professors and texts are available after the descriptions)

Gary Firestone, MCB 135A, Molecular Endocrinology (Easiness: 4.2): “The most useful thing I learned in this course was how to critique a research paper, a skill that was highly necessary in graduate school… very easy tests because its very obvious what he’s going to emphasize: hormones.”

Kai Ping Peng, Psych 166AC, Cultural Psychology (Easiness: 4.2): “Reads straight off of slides which he provides along with outlines, can miss lectures and still do well. midterms are straightforward, no surprises; section is 40% of grade, so realllllly easy to do well…class ended up having a nice curve.”
New Readings in Cultural Psychology

Malcolm Potts, Public Health 180, Topics in Human Sexuality (Easiness: 4.2): “It was fun to listen to an elderly British man say the word “F—“. Aside from that, he was a very interesting lecturer, he and his wife are the leaders in Family Planning Policy. Easy class, but important for general knowledge…was very interesting and did not try to examine morality as much as the mechanics.”

Arthur Shimamura, Psychology 2, Principles of Psychology (Easiness: 4.4): “His lectures are all powerpoint presentations, and everything is very clear. You definitely get an overview of psych…really fair professor, lectures weren’t too bad, and tests were fair- always gave a review sheet beforehand…pretty easy, midterms and final all multiple choice scantron tests, one essay.”
Introduction to Psychology

Robert Goldman, Religious Studies C165, Hindu Mythology (Easiness: 4.4): “Definitely knows his material and conveys it with passion and enthusiasm, while also making it interesting and available to the class. Very easy to approach and overall one of my favorite professors on campus…Prior to midterms, he explains everything thoroughly that will be on it. Show up to class and you won’t miss out.”
Classical Hindu Mythology
Hindu Myths: A Sourcebook Translated from the Sanskrit (Penguin Classics)The Rig Veda (Penguin Classics)

Trond Petersen, Sociology 122, Comparative Perspectives on U.S. and European Societies (Easiness: 4.5): “Two take-home midterms and final are not too hard since you can use the reader…You get points for attending and it seemed that both of the take home midterms were graded pretty easily…Petersen also holds parties, so if you’re 21, take this class and get trashed with him!”
Hard Work: Remaking the American Labor Movement

If you don’t go to class on Mondays because you’re still hungover from Saturday, share them in the forums thread.

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