Watching Cal-Arizona State Online or In The Bars

Posted by: Avinash on Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Broadcast info here.
So I found most of the possible locations for viewing Cal football and put them on the Google Map here for Bears fans, so I decided to do it for every Pac-10 team. Oregon, Oregon St., Washington, Wazzu, USC, UCLA, ASU, Arizona all are mapped out. Except for the ‘Furd, because everyone knows they don’t have fans.
I cannot verify these are the current locations for this week’s games; you’ll have to call the bar or contact your local alum officials to make sure the game is going on.

However, these aren’t all the locations, there are also meetups by our team’s opponents being organized. I’ve included the locations to Arizona State meetups in case you can’t make it or are nowhere close to the Cal meetups. So you should have almost all the official places to watch the game at your disposal.

As for watching online, there should be a few streams available. It’ll be available on ESPN360 for sure, if you have the proper cable/satellite package–there should be at least one online stream by at least one Cal fan out there. I’ll have the link to the feed posted on the liveblog page and probably here too.
Liveblog starts at 3:15 PM EST/12:15 PM PST, kickoff is just after the bottom of the hour. Seeya then.

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