You’ll Need More Than Hypnosis To Forget Your Grades (Telebears XII–Psychology)

Posted by: Avinash on Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Psychologists. All they need are comfortable sofas and a notepad to do their job effectively. If you manage to make it into this field, you are so set for life. You don’t even have to be very good, just nod your head, offer some vague advice, and then move onto next patient. Pretty decent way to live.

Here are the people that will guide you into this field, and what students are saying about them. The information comes after the jump.

(Have any memories about professors in this department for a class or in general? Contribute them in the comments.)

Psych 1, Intro
John Kihlstrom, MW 10-11, Wheeler Aud
Psychology, Seventh Edition
“This class is really easy… if you devote a lot of time to it…choice of textbook is horrible. he only chose it because his friend wrote it…his lectures go through a lot of material in a short amt of time (hence the webcast). to best prepare for his multi-choice exams, drill yourself through his previous exams over and over again…if I hear this guy say the words “Bell, food” one more time, I will go up on stage and tackle him into submission until he promises never to say it again…”

Psych 101, Research & Data Analysis
Thomas Wickens, MWF 11-12, 100 GPB
Statistical Reasoning in the Behavioral Sciences
“I’ve always enjoyed learning but not from someone who can’t teach…gave step-by-step methods for doing all the statistical tests…Rude to students in office hours…Word on the street is, he was hired by the psychology department for his research, with full knowledge that he couldn’t teach worth a darn.”

Psych 109, History of Psych
Steve Glickman, MW 12-1, 2060 VLSB

“Good teacher….bad handwriting…You’ll get lost because you won’t be able to read something and not hear what he is saying because you are trying to figure out what the outline says…knew many important people in the history of psychology personally and can tell you about them like no one else can…the sweetest man.”

Psych 130, Clinical Psych
Robert Levenson, MW 2-3, 100 GPB
Abnormal PsychologyCase Studies in Abnormal Psychology
“Interesting lectures, but the tests were very difficult… Tests can have ambiguous answers at times, average about a B with the curve…there are many ways to accul/mulate points in his class..Overall a great class to take if you are a psych major, if not, I would stay clear.”

Psych 141, Development During Infancy
Joseph Campos, TuTh 2-3, 101 Barker
“There are two take home midterms and a final that can be taken to make up either or both the midterms (not take home)…He will spend the first 20 minutes talking about some random rant or opinion he has…His course is not easy–you have to be quite intellectual to follow his lectures because he does not dumb anything down for you.”

Psych 156, Human Emotion
D Keltner, MW 2-3, 155 Dwinelle
Understanding Emotions
“You get a study sheet a week in advance of the tests. As long as you study it, you’ll get an A basically guaranteed… He can be funny at times, but I am here to learn something…My only gripe about the course is that he encouraged a “seminar approach” to a class with 200 students…He tries to charm the students by being seductive and pretend he is 18 years old (maybe his hairstyle was actually hip when he was 18?).”

(Data taken from RateMyProfessors and Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes)
(Image from Cartoon Stock)

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